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About Us
About Us

My introduction to model cars was when I received a Snap-Together model of the Spider-Man Van for my 7th birthday - I wish I still had that one! I built all of the snap kits I could beg my mother to buy for me and when I started completing them in the car on the ride home, she insisted that I start on glue kits!

My modeling was always about finishing quickly and moving on to the next kit until I saw an earlier issue of Scale Auto Enthusiast at my hobby shop - I immediately purchased it and between the articles and contest coverage I saw models built to a degree that I never imagined. That was when everything spiraled out of control! I began buying models at a quicker pace than I could build them - to the higher degree of detail and build quality that I wanted. Sure - I destroyed alot of kits at first trying to accomplish difficult tasks like radical customizing, combining two bodies, and roof chopping!

I don't have a current count of my unbuilt models at this time, but it is approaching 300, easy. I do not buy kits to save them for future generations but to turn them into the masterpiece that I see in my mind. I don't take 3 days to build a model anymore, but maybe a month - or three months! It takes as long as it takes to get it right with all of the modifications that I do now!

Our products are made for those modelers out there that have those masterpieces in their mind! After all - Everything that we offer for sale are items that I wanted for myself, but could not locate, or was not satisfied with what I could get my hands on! After all, not all License Plates are from Illinois or California (and the real thing definitely does not have the lettering in Arial font!) and not all engines are Chevys - Small or Big Block!

These parts are for the dreamers! Set your sights high and never look back! Tell us how we're doing and tell us what you want to see in the future and we will always take those suggestions to heart when considering new products. Most of all, build your Best Model Car!

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